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My home base is Evansville, Indiana, but I don't let grass grow under my feet.

Trail Names

Brent and I had been using our alter-egos, “Lula Bruises” and “Shotgun Bobby,” as trail names until we earned ones. Our friends, Tim & Ireland, came up with our names at the NOC while they were waiting for us. They had a couple of days to think about it. We are now “Bed” & “Breakfast.”


A Long Way to Maine

It seems more than a week ago that Brent’s parents dropped us off at the approach trail in Amicalola Falls. Maybe time moves at a slower pace in the wilderness or maybe it’s just my tired, blistered, unfit feet telling me this. Regardless, it has been a wonderful journey from the falls to our first resting place in Helen, Georgia. We are two days of hiking from our first state line, which provides enough motivation to wake up in the morning and hit the trail again.

Among this motivation, we have witnessed the kindness of many trail angels and the beauty that lies beyond roadways. Trail magic. Wow. It’s been overwhelming how locals and fellow hikers have responded to us straggling thru-hikers. We’ve been offered rides, picked up on highways and given fuel, water tablets and food. Nature. Amazing. We’ve witnessed a momma bear usher her three cubs down a tree trunk, an eerie owl prowl for food below in leaf litter, a rattlesnake (that I nearly stepped on) slither across the trail, a turtle hide away within its shell, and a turkey looking bird dart in front of us.

I’d love to elaborate on the trail angels with whom we’ve crossed paths and acknowledge them by their names and good deeds, but it will have to wait until the next post. We’re already looking at a short night’s sleep, and we have fourteen miles to hike when morning arrives.

There were some strong storms back home tonight. I hope everyone is safe and sound with power! Until next time, happy hiking!

A Day in the Food Life of Shotgun Bobby

Scene of the crime: Neels Gap


  • 2 servings of single-serve oatmeal
  • one lb. can of peaches
  • 2 cracker packs, or 12 peanut butter on cheese crackers
  • 2 sodas (not diet)
  • one sausage/hamburger pizza (not personal pan… we’re talkin’ a whole pizza here, folks)
  • 2 bags of Lays potato chips
  • one snickers candy bar
  • 1/2 bag of teriyaki rice
  • one mashed potato mountain
  • one blueberry cheesecake.

Springer Mountain to Justus Creek