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Casualties of the Trail

Whether it’s a deer mouse in the shelter, a result of disorganization or a questionable can of meat left by another hiker, there are plenty of opportunities for trail mishaps. Here is what we’ve experienced:

  1. My hydration bladder had a hole in it before we even hit the trail.
  2. I lost my scarf at the visitor’s center. (It was later found and mailed to me!)
  3. Springer Mountain Shelter mouse ate one of Shotgun’s earpieces on his headphones.
  4. Springer Mountain Shelter mouse then pooped in Shotgun’s pack.
  5. We couldn’t make the water filter function properly and had to boil our water.
  6. Shotgun’s stomach became a casualty of vienna sausages.
  7. We lost our knife in a Taco Bell trash can.
  8. I lost my towel in Fontana Dam.
  9. Shotgun lost his towel at Ice Water Spring Shelter.
  10. We began drying off with our dirty clothes.
  11. My leg looked like a drumstick to Douglas, the unleashed Dobermann/Rottweiler beast.
  12. We met Sparky in Fontana Dam and never wanted to hike again.
  13. I became ceraunophobic on Kelly Knob.
  14. Shotgun rolled out of a hammock and got wrapped up in the mosquito net on his way down to the ground.
  15. Our neighbor is a felon.

Don’t worry, Mom & Dad.  We’ll be just fine! Happy hiking, y’all!


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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Cheoah Bald to Fontana Dam (Hilton)

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Wayah Bald to Cheoah Bald

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Justus Creek to Helen, Georgia

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A Day in the Food Life of Shotgun Bobby

Scene of the crime: Neels Gap

Victims: 2 oatmeal packets, one lb. can of peaches, 2 cracker packs (12 peanut butter on cheese crackers), 2 sodas (not diet), one sausage/hamburger pizza (not personal pan… we’re talkin’ a whole pizza here, folks), 2 bags of Lays potato chips, one snickers candy bar, 1/2 bag of teriyaki rice, a mashed potato mountain, and a blueberry cheesecake.

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Springer Mountain to Justus Creek

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